CMA typhoon monitoring and forecasting system won the national science award

11-01-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

On January 8, the National Science and Technology Award Conference was held in Beijing. 285 projects (persons) were awarded. Among them, the key technology of typhoon monitoring and forecasting system of China Meteorological Administration won the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

According to Dr. Duan Yihong, one of the project leaders and Director General of Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, focusing on typhoon monitoring, forecasting and early warning technology, the project team has made breakthroughs in the construction of typhoon out-field coordinated observation system, the construction and application of typhoon multi-source database, the key technology research and development of typhoon numerical forecasting system, and the landing typhoon refined forecasting technology and the comprehensive platform Since 2000.

The main innovations of the project include designing and constructing the first sea-land-atmosphere integrated observation system for landing typhoon in China; establishing the most complete typhoon multi-source data database in the Asia-Pacific region; developing key technology research for typhoon numerical forecasting system and establishing typhoon numerical forecasting system; carrying out typhoon objective forecast interpretation and fusion technology, and constructing comprehensive platform for typhoon monitoring, forecasting and warning.

The project is helpful to fill the gap of China’s typhoon forecast and refined wind and rain forecast, enhance international data exchange, reduce predication error, and realize integration of monitoring and forecast products display ans analysis, etc. It has played a key supporting role for China's typhoon track forecast in the Northwest Pacific region to reach the international advanced level. 

At present, the main results of the project have been widely used in China’s meteorological departments, and some results applied in the hydrology, marine, and civil aviation departments with obvious benefits.

In addition, several projects in the field of atmospheric science and disaster prevention and mitigation such as “Characteristics and Mechanisms of Multi-Scale Climate Change in the Arid Region of Central Asia”, “Climate change impacts on regional water resources and droughts and key technologies for risk response” and others, also won the National Natural Science Award or National Science and Technology Progress Award. (Jan.11)

Editor Hao Jing