National gathering of provincial service directors to deploy key tasks for the year 2019

17-01-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

During the meeting Photoed by Zhuang Baiyu

On January 15, national meeting of provincial meteorological service directors was opened in Beijing, aiming to summarize the work of 2018, analyze the current situation, and deploy key tasks for the year 2019.

During the meeting, Ms. Liu Yaming, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) delivered a work report on the theme of exploring and advancing high quality development of meteorological undertaking. Mr. Yu Rucong, Mr. Shen Xiaonong, Ms. Jiao Meiyan, Mr. Yu Xinwen, and Mr. Yu Yong, Deputy Administrator of CMA, attended the meeting.

The work report has summed up meteorological work in 2018: promoting meteorological modernization with more pragmatic measures; conducting full-fledged work of meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation; improving the provision of meteorological services; supporting ecological civilization, and strengthening measures in agro-meteorological services and targeted services for poverty alleviation; forging ahead with meteorological operation capacity building; achieving new results in integrated observation, forecasting accuracy, refined service capability, information-based construction, and scientific innovation; reaching new heights in public satisfaction with meteorological services; fostering a more enabling atmosphere for mechanism and development; strengthening reforms, leadership, cementing the legal foundation for meteorological development in terms of legislation, talent cultivation, law-based administration, cooperation and scientific administration; and reinforcing CPC construction.

The meeting highlights that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Meteorological departments should grasp the new connotation of the key period of strategic opportunity, make strenuous efforts to deploy and promote high quality meteorological development.

The work report has outlined a few critical tasks for meteorological work in 2019: firstly, providing well-rounded meteorological services oriented towards disaster preparedness and the 70th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the People’s Republic of China; secondly, focusing on the construction of ecological civilisation system, promoting meteorological support for ecological civilisation construction in a all-rounded manner, conducting full-fledged work in response to climate change and developing weather modification operation; Improving modern meteorological service system for agriculture, and assisting in rural rejuvenation and poverty alleviation.

Elevating the modernization level of meteorological operation, implementing key plans and projects, prompting information-based construction, developing smart observation and forecasting operation, and smart services, and global meteorological operation; Inspiring the power of innovation as a way of giving impetus to sci-tech innovation and talent pool cultivation; deepening meteorological reform, and beefing up systemic innovation; Lifting the level of meteorological legalization and scientific management level; Deepening opening up and international collaboration, promoting “Belt and Road” meteorological cooperation.

The meeting has commended outstanding meteorological teams and individuals in weather modification, and praised eminent individuals for poverty alleviation. (Jan. 16)

Reporter: Jia Jingxi

Editor: Liu Shuqiao