CMA accelerates meteorological services for 2022 Winter Olympics

29-01-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

In this year, China's meteorological departments will complete the construction of meteorological observation and operational system for 2022 Winter Olympics, and realize the integrated application of scientific and technological preliminary results such as refined 3D meteorological observation and analysis technologies, intelligent service technologies, etc.

Since entering the “Beijing Period” of Winter Olympics, meteorological departments have accelerated the services, and made the breakthroughs in improving the leadership communication mechanism, institutions and project construction.

The track weather forecast test has been started. Meteorological departments have carried out the 0-10 days weather forecast for the track of skiing; completed the construction and relocation of 29 weather stations in the core area and established the specification of the observation data transmission to realize the meteorological data reception, storage and sharing in the competition area; related projects were brought into the first batch of “Technology Winter Olympics” projects of National Key Research and Development Program.

Meteorological departments will continue to promote the actual training of the Winter Olympics meteorological team and improve the refinement of the positions, processes and products. (Jan.28)

Reporter Liu Ruoxin and Jia Jingxi

Editor Hao Jing