CMA enhances construction of ecosystem observatory network

02-02-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

In order to establish an ecological monitoring network with reasonable layout and complete functions, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) issued the Guideline for the layout of ecosystem meteorological observatory network recently.

According to the Guideline, the current network of meteorological observatory is mainly based on atmospheric ecosystems and terrestrial ecosystems. The observations cover the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, cryosphere and their interactions. Climate change has a direct or indirect impact on ecosystems. Therefore, ecosystem meteorological observations should be combined with climate change work to make the best use of benefits.

The Guideline provides detailed descriptions of the meteorological observation capacity building and layout for various ecosystems including forest, grassland, wetland, mountain, farmland, desert, urban, ocean, lake, polar region and plateau, with specific plan on meteorological observations of ecological resources such as wind energy, solar energy, and water.

It is worth mentioning that CMA will construct an applied meteorological observatory consisting of solar energy and radiation observation, which can realize all-weather, high-precision and targeted solar resource observation to support the development of renewable energy. In the observation of atmospheric composition, climate change, haze and photochemical smog, sandstorm, and acid rain have also been strengthened.

CMA will continue to coordinate the construction of the ecosystem meteorological observatory network, improve the layout of the station network, focus on enhancing the comprehensive capability of the ecosystem to realize real-time observation of key areas such as national prohibited development zones, key ecological function zones, major agricultural production zones. (Feb.2)

Reporter Lu Jian and Yang Xiaowu

Editor Hao Jing