China experienced higher temperature and more precipitation in April

30-04-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

In April, the avarage temperature of China was higher than the normal years, and was fluctuating greatly. 

During April 1 to 27, the national average temperature was 12.6 °C, which was 1.95 °C higher than the normal years (10.65 °C), the second highest since 1961, only lower than 1998 (12.7 °C). 

9 stations in Hainan, Guangxi, Sichuan and Yunnan experienced extremely high temperature. The daily temperature of Lingao of Hainan reached 41.0℃ on April 20, which broke the historical extremes. 

The precipitation in April is noticeble as well. The national average precipitation was 41.2 mm, which 3.9% more than the same period of the normal years (39.7 mm). The precipitation in most parts of the Northwest, North China, the Yellow-Huaihe basin, central-southern South China, central Inner Mongolia, central Tibet, southern Hunan was 20% to 2 times more than the normal. On April 7, the daily precipitation of Shawan, Xinjiang reached 29.2mm, reached extreme event standards. 

From April 1 to 27, central and eastern China suffered from four cold air processes, respectively on April 9 to 11, 14 to 15, 18 to 20 and 24 to 26. On April 9 to 11, the cold air process brought the widest range of influence and the strongest intensity. The temperature of the Yangtze-Hanshui basin, the Yangtze-Huaihe basin and South of the Yangtze River dropped by 10 °C. (Apr.30)

Editor Hao Jing