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China will build an integrated big data application platform for emergency management

Source:China Meteorological News Press09-05-2019

China is planning to construct a full-covered comprehensive big data application platform for emergency management, which is based on the national data sharing platform system and makes best use of big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and other technologies, to achieve online monitoring, warning and forecast in advance for major risks and hidden dangers, and efficiently handling of disasters and accidents.

According to the Notice on Strengthening Emergency Basic Information Management issued by the State Council, Ministry of Emergency Management will take the lead in planning and constructing of the platform. Ministry of Emergency Management will strengthen cooperation and information sharing, carry out regular communication and consultation with departments of meteorology, industry and information, public security, natural resources, ecological environment, transportation, water resources, etc to resolve the important issues in the release of basic emergency information.

The Notice requires to realize dynamic monitoring and management of risk and hidden danger information. It needs to carry out in-depth survey of risks and hidden dangers by all kinds of means such as sensor, remote-sensing, and establish a good supervision system. (May 8)

Reporter Yan Xin

Editor Hao Jing