Eastern China enters main flood season as summer monsoon in South China Sea onset occurs

17-05-2019Source:National Meteorological Center

On May 14, it is reported that the summer monsoon in the South China Sea burst earlier than normal years.

According to the latest monitoring of Asian Summer Monsoon circulation by Beijing Climate Center (BCC), during May 6 to 10, the monitoring index of South China Sea region all surpassed onset threshold. And the domestic and foreign numerical model prediction shows that index will remain constant in mid-to-late May. Gao Hui, Chief Forecaster from BCC introduced that according to the BCC operational standard of monitoring, summer monsoon onset in South China Sea has occurred during May 6 to 10, noticeably earlier than normal years (around May 23).

This signifies that eastern China has enters the main flood season. Under normal circumstance, two weeks after the monsoon onset, monsoon air current will bring along more plentiful southwest warm and moist water vapor from tropical Indian Ocean and South China Sea to East Asia continent, and convective heavy rainfall will increase in the South of the Yangtze River Region.

Gao Hui remarked that because pre-flood season in South China began earlier, and after entering the flood season, rainfall is prominently heavier. It is imperative to guard against urban waterlogging, flooding in middle and small rivers, as well as mount torrents and geological hazards. (May. 15)

Reporter: Wan Xia, Li Wei, Wang Deyi

Editor: Liu Shuqiao