China Meteorological Administration promotes “Belt and Road” meteorological cooperation with several countries

14-06-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

On June 12, amidst 18th World Meteorological Congress, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) signed FengYun satellites application cooperative agreement with meteorological departments of Mozambique and Oman respectively, and consulted on deepening cooperation and promoting “Belt and Road” meteorological cooperation with meteorological departments of the South Africa and Namibia.

Ms. Liu Yaming, Administrator of CMA, expressed that CMA has implemented what Chinese President Xi Jinping announced regarding FengYun satellites serving the “Belt and Road”, adopted active measures to ramp up FY satellites application capacity, set up FY ESM, and provided services of disaster preparedness and reducation, as well as socio-economic development for countries along “Belt and Road” territories.

CMA signed cooperative agreement with INAM Photoed by Zhan Yong

Aderito Celso Felix Aramuge, Director General of Mozambique's National Institute of Meteorology (INAM) expressed gratitude to CMA for the satellite products support during the impacts inflicted by the severe tropical cyclone this year, and expected further bilateral cooperation and higher operational meteorological capacity in Mozambique.

Juma Al-Maskari, Director General of Oman National Meteorological Service (ONMS), stated that harnessing FY satellites data were conducive to elevating meteorological disaster monitoring and forecasting capacity of Oman, and hoped both sides would reinforce cooperation in myriad spheres like personnel training, and work together to improve meteorological services level.


  CMA signed cooperative agreement with ONMS Photoed by Xu Xianghua

According to the agreement, CMA will conduct cooperation with meteorological departments of Mozambique and Oman in fields like FY satellites data ground reception system and application platform development, emergency support services, technical exchanges, training, and so on.

On the same day, Ms. Liu also met with Nozipho MXAKATO-DISEKO, Acting Director General of South African Weather Bureau and Franz Uirab, Director of Namibia Meteorological Service, exchanged ideas in terms of establishing bilateral cooperative mechanism, constructing meteorological infrastructure, applying FY meteorological satellites, and personnel training, and they have reached preliminary consensuses. (Jun. 14)

Reporter: Zhang Yong, Qian Xin

Editor: Liu Shuqiao