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International Training Course on convective weather nowcasting held in Nanning, Guangxi

Source:China Meteorological News Press05-09-2019

On August 28, an international training course on nowcasting techniques on severe convective weather hosted by China Meteorological Training Centre was opened in Nanning, Guangxi. 25 trainees from 12 countries like Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

The training can enable trainees to gain a deeper understanding of severe convective weather process, master nowcasting techniques, elevate application capacity of Fengyun series meteorological satellite data and Doppler weather radar products, learn of meteorological operation system of China, and promote operational and technical exchanges.

The training course encompasses contents like thunderstorm nowcasting, study on the organization of squall line in warm area of the west of South China, application of satellite remote sensing in the monitoring of typhoon and severe convective weather, forecasting approaches, application of nowcasting and very short-range forecasting technique, and so on.

It is informed that this training is a concrete example of reinforcing meteorological exchanges and cooperation between China and Asian countries. (Sep. 5)

Author: Jiang Lei

Editor: Liu Shuqiao