World Meteorological Centre Beijing adds global sea wave numerical weather products

17-09-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

To better practice the concept of seamless earth system prediction, World Meteorological Centre Beijing has organized experts and technical staff from Numerical Weather Prediction Center, system office, and other CMA institutions to develop and improve global sea wave numerical weather prediction products. After the operational test, this product has been launched on website of World Meteorological Centre Beijing (www.wmc-bj.net).

GRAPES_WW3 of the National Meteorological Center (NMC) harnesses independently developed global mesoscale numerical weather prediction product GRAPES_GFS to drive WAVEWATCH III to calculate sea wave numerical weather prediction product of the global ocean surface with a horizontal resolution of 50 km.

This system operates twice a day, which can provide global sea wave numerical weather prediction product at 6-hour interval, with the prediction time efficiency of 10 days. Products include 10-meter wind, significant wave height (SWH), average wave direction, average wave period, and others. The newly launched GRAPES_WW3 products encompass SWH and average wave direction stacking chart products covering global oceans, such as Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Atlantic. (Sep. 17)

Author: Wang Yi

Editor: Liu Shuqiao