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World Climate Research Programme seminar held in NUIST

Source:China Meteorological News Press19-11-2019

Recently, World Climate Research Programme——2019 extreme climate events and disaster risk management high level seminar was opened in Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (NUIST).

This seminar was sponsored by WCRP and NUIST and has invited experts from Working Group I and II of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and other relevant fields, who trained young scientists from Asia-Pacific Region on the latest technological progresses in climate change and disaster risk management, in a bid to promote interdisciplinary exchanges and operational collaboration, and further international cooperation on the response to climate change disaster preparedness.

Mr. Boram Lee, High level official of WCRP, delivered a report titled Social Climate Science. The report indicated that a resilient society and sustainable future called for the coordinated endeavor among all regional sectors across the globe, combination of scientific research values, services, decision-making and benefits, knowledge sharing, and joint design of solutions, to push forward the global society to adapt to climate change.

Prof. Zhang Xuebin introduced relevant conclusions of IPCC AR5: to effectively mitigate disaster hazards and enhance resilience to the adverse influence of extreme weather and climate events, climate change research and disaster risk management research should be further consolidated.

In the past four decades, WCRP has markedly ramped up the accuracy of climate system monitoring, modeling and prediction, provided timely and accurate climate information services for governments, decision makers and wide ranges of users, elevated the understanding of global climate system and its evolution, and made a significant contribution to contemporary atmospheric science. (Nov. 19)

Author: Yu Jie, Huang Jinlong

Editor: Liu Shuqiao