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Weather forecast website for cities along Belt and Road launched

Source:China Meteorological News Press02-01-2020

On January 1, website of weather forecast service for important cities along Belt and Road covering 137 signatory countries (territories) was officially in operation. The public can log on to the official Belt and Road Portal of China and website of China Meteorological Administration (CMA), and get real-time access to the future 5-day weather forecast of targeted cities. This initiative is an implementation of global monitoring, global forecast, and global service and fills the blank of national-level Belt and Road meteorological service products. It has marked that China’s global refined meteorological forecasting products development and application has entered a substantive phase.

This website is jointly developed by National Meteorological Center (NMC), China Meteorological News Press, and Belt and Road Portal. The service products include weather phenomena for the following 5 days, and factors like temperature, wind direction, wind speed, and precipitation, which are updated on a 12-hour basis.

According to Mr. Zhou Qingliang, Deputy Director of World Meteorological Centre Beijing Operational Office, these forecasting products have taken the demands, time zones, and cultural differences of local users into account. And weather forecast and dissemination has adopted local time, and sets up contents and columns like Fengyun meteorological satellite cloud image product, climate background information of all cities, and relevant information.

The aforementioned meteorological information service columns are not only available on Belt and Road Portal and CMA website, but also connected to the website of World Meteorological Centre Beijing. Global users which have demands can have custom-made meteorological service products. In this way, they will provide stronger forecasting support for engineering construction, natural disaster prevention and public travel in neighboring territories along Belt and Road.

The development of meteorological service products for Belt and Road has cracked problems like sparse observation sites in economic less-developed regions and low data quality along Belt and Road, integrated technical forces like network development, operation and maintenance, numerical weather prediction, smart grid point prediction, global monitoring and forecasting, and satellite remote sensing. And China’s independently developed global urban weather objective forecasting system, V1.0 system is generated. This system adopts global latest technical route and explore the largest space of predictability, as well as further enhancing the reliability of prediction via the error correction of forecasters.(Jan. 2)

The website link: http://ydyl.cma.gov.cn/

Author: Gu Xingyue, Yang Shunan, Zhao Ruixia

Editor: Liu Shuqiao