National platform of real-time observation has been put into operation

06-01-2020Source:China Meteorological News Press

China’s national real-time operation platform of meteorological observation has recently been put into operation by China Meteorological Administration. The national-level modern real-time operation of meteorological observation has been comprehensively upgraded.

The real-time operation platform, integrates "4+1" software such as the quality control system for meteorological observation ("Tianheng"), the integrated product system for meteorological observation ("Tianyan"), quality management information system, equipment integration platform, and China Meteorological Observation Network. The platform possesses complete identity authentication management, unified background standards and database support, and fast response processing capabilities.

The platform promotes the formation of a national meteorological observation research-type operation, covering the entire process of operational observation. It is capable of real-time quality controlling automatically of more than 2 million times for 8-types observing data, real-time monitoring of the operating status of nearly 40,000 sets of equipment and assessing the the observing data of countries (territories) from the World Meteorological Organization RA II.(Jan.6)

Edtior Hao Jing