Meteorological departments nationwide have completed the upgrading of new type sonde

07-01-2020Source:China Meteorological Center

On January 1, meteorological departments nationwide have officially completed the upgrading of new type sonde. The new type sonde has realized technical advances in terms of air pressure, humidity, and temperature sensors, which has elevated measurement accuracy, stability, and environmental adaptability and upper air meteorological observation level.

This upgrading work mainly involves all national upper air meteorological observatories, Longyan mobile upper air meteorological observatory, national-level meteorological emergency response material reserve depot, and others. Major contents include installation and debugging of new operational software, upgrading of new generation sonde, and deployment of horizontal observation work after the upgrading.

30 days since January 1, 2020 is the first phase of carrying out horizontal observation after switching to the new operational system. During this phase, meteorological departments in all localities will adopt new frequency to carry out operational observation on the condition that the original observation frequency is unaffected.

From October 2019, CMA has carried out testing of installation, added functions, compatibility, stability, and reliability of new operational software in four provinces (municipalities) of Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu, and Anhui. After smooth trial operation, on January 1, other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) will completely accomplish the installation and debugging of the new software, officially kick off new type sonde, and carry out horizontal observation work.

In the next step, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) will carry out horizontal observation of sonde in national upper air meteorological observatories in the second phase in July, 2020.(Jan.7)

Author: Wen Ke

Editor: Liu Shuqiao