Meteorological departments provide services for spring farming

12-02-2020Source:China Meteorological News Press

Currently, China has entered the starting period for spring farming. Meteorological departments provide refined services for epidemic prevention and control, and also cooperate with agriculture departments and others to actively carry out meteorological services for spring planting and sowing.

In Gongqingcheng city of Jiangxi Province, the local meteorological and agricultural departments jointly carried out services for spring farming. The two departments consulted recent weather, produced services materials and issued science popularization materials to farmers.

In Shouguang city of Shandong Province, the local meteorological and agricultural experts went to vegetable greenhouses to carry out field research, developed special services aiming to the next seven days weather, produced services reports for farmers.

On February 10, in Xinye county of Henan Province, the agro-meteorological experts went to fields to carry out field survey for wheat growth.

In Huanglong county of Shaanxi Province, the local meteorological, agricultural and other departments jointly formed an investigation team to carry out site instruction for farmers and guided them to utilize WeChat and microblog to get weather forecast. The team co-produced special service materials for agricultural meteorology, and timely issued service information to farmers through multiple channels such as SMS, WeChat, Weibo, early warning loudspeaker, and electronic displays. (Feb.12)

Editor Hao Jing