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Forecasting products of precipitation in Africa launched

Source:China Meteorological News Press20-04-2020

On April 10, it is informed that with the launch of the new version of National Meteorological Center website, forecasting operation of precipitation in Africa organized by NMC has passed approval. Users can log onto the website to get access to meteorological prediction information like quantifiable precipitation and severe weather of 24 to 84 hours or at 24 hours interval.

Precipitation forecast in Africa Provided by National Meteorological Center

Forecasting of precipitation in Africa serves the global prediction operation marking the scope of China’s global meteorological forecasting service has further expanded with richer forecasting services products.

Previously, NMC’s precipitation forecast targeted at different continents was confined to Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. Since November, 2019, NMC has cracked a series of technical problems like artificial integrated correction, MICAPS forecasting and product dissemination tool update, and organized the forecasting operation of precipitation area in Africa. After over half one year’s trial operation, product generation is stable and has realized zero error and zero time lapse. It has ensured the high efficient and smooth operation of this new product.

Relevant forecasting services and products released by NMC have provided weather information reference for the public daily life and production.

It is informed that NMC’s forecasting operation of precipitation in South America entered trial operation at the beginning of March.

Reporter: Wang Liang, Meng Qingtao, Wang Yi

Editor: Liu Shuqiao