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Fengyun satellites data benefit 107 countries and territories

Source:China Meteorological News Press27-04-2020

April 24 is China’s Space Day, marking the 50th anniversary of the successful launch of Dongfanghong-1, China's first man-made satellite. China Post issued a set of commemorative stamps. The earth landscape in the stamp design of the First Day Cover (FDC) is the image of earth captured by Fengyun-4 meteorological satellite.

Currently, meteorological satellites have displayed more pronounced benefits in serving socio-economic development. The number of international users of FY satellites has markedly increased. By now, the number of countries and territories using FY satellites data has multiplied to 107. 29 countries have set up FY satellites data direct reception stations. 28 countries have registered to become users of the Emergency Support Mechanism for International Users of Fengyun Meteorological Satellites in Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (FY ESM).

China has launched 17 meteorological satellites, with 7 in stable in-orbital operation now. Input-output ratio of meteorological satellites has reached 1:40. FY-2, FY-3, FY-4 satellites have become important members of global operational meteorological satellites observing system. They have become crucial instruments for China to obtain global data and meet the demands of regional severe weather, environmental monitoring, meteorological service, and earth system scientific research.

China’s FY satellites remote sensing data service website (http://data.nsmc.org.cn) has provided comprehensive information on FY-1, FY-2, FY-3, FY-4, TanSat, and others. The number of registered users is on steady increase. Up to date, the number of users has total 89 thousand.

China has opened specific service channel of meteorological satellites data for 30 countries like Russia, Mongolia, and so on. In 2019, CMA has activated international ground observation emergency response services, which included FY ESM, CHARTER, and China-GEOSS for 11 times, providing remote sensing monitoring services of typhoon, forest fire, sand and dust storm, for countries from Africa, Asia, and America.

The stamp of China's first man-made satellite Credits: the China Post

Reporter: Li Hui

Editor: Liu Shuqiao