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CMA intensifies global observing data dynamic quality assessment

Source:China Meteorological News Press09-06-2020

On May 12, it is reported from National Meteorological Information Center (NMIC) that the center has intensified global observing data dynamic quality assessment, and carried out analysis and monitoring of the dynamic quality changes of major meteorological observation data from global ground, upper air, aircraft on a real-time basis on the strength of global meteorological data quality real-time assessment system.

The abrupt COVID-19 pandemic has exerted impacts on the integrity and quality of global meteorological data. This work of intensifying dynamic quality assessment aims to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on global meteorological data and provide application reference for global meteorological data service.

Recently, NMIC has actively carried out global meteorological data resources collection, real-time quality assessment and services. In 2019, NMIC set up the assessment system by referencing the quality assessment approaches of data centers like World Meteorological Organization (WMO), European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), and Japan Meteorological Administration (JMA). It has realized major global meteorological observation data (global ground, upper air, and aircraft) quality dynamic assessment. The assessment results will be disseminated and displayed to the users in a visualized manner.

Currently, global meteorological operations and research-oriented operational development have put forward more urgent needs for the supporting capacity of global meteorological data resources. NMIC will continue to launch multi-layered data resources collection of the earth system, intensify global and regional meteorological data quality assessment, improve the overall capacity of meteorological observation data identification, diagnosis and assessment. (Jun. 8)

Author: Liu Zhao, Shi Yan, Liu Na

Editor: Liu Shuqiao