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300 trainees from over 70 countries joined online course of climate monitoring and forecasting technique

Source:China Meteorological News Press09-06-2020

From May 18 to 31, 300 trainees from over 70 countries have joined online short-term climate monitoring and forecasting technique training held by China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (CMATC).

This training course has not only recruited trainees from Asia, Africa and Latino America, but also attracted staff from national climate and hydrological services in Denmark, Japan, Italy, Spain, and New Zealand.

Patrick Parrish, Chief of Training Activities Division at World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has written to express full recognition of the success of the training course.

It is the first time that CMATC has held an international training course via distance teaching in terms of climate monitoring, forecasting and assessment, disaster hazard management and climate services during the coronavirus pandemic, which aims to deepen trainees’ understanding of climate monitoring and forecasting principles, master common monitoring, diagnosis, forecasting approach and technique, learn about climate service status quo in terms of disaster preparedness in China, and promote meteorological international exchanges and cooperation.

Francesco Fusto from Italy extended his gratitude to CMA for holding this course as well as having the chance to gain insight into climate monitoring and forecasting approach of China. He said that he would keep tabs on China’s meteorological development in this field and other courses held by CMATC.

Charles Galdies, Permanent Representative of Malta with the WMO expressed that is was an enjoyable experience to participate in this training. The course covered a wide range of topics, which showcased CMA’s operational and scientific research level.

Amara Salami Kanu from Spain also spoke highly of CMA’s remarkable development in this field.

CMATC has held this international course for 8 times since 2012. The international trainees came from over 70 countries and territories.(Jun. 9)

Author: Li Pan

Editor: Liu Shuqiao