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CMA global objective weather forecast product covers 11621 cities

Source:China Meteorological News Press09-07-2020

Recently, the global objective weather forecast product independently developed by China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has been put into operation, which can provide real-time global 10-km grid point prediction at 3-hour interval for the next 10 days, refined weather forecast for 11621 cities across the globe, and weather forecast of the local time at 12-hour interval. This is a crucial measure in pushing ahead “global monitoring, global forecast, and global service” and will further expand the coverage of forecasting products and ramp up global forecasting and service capacities.

Global distribution image of over 10 thousand sites Provided by Zhao Ruixia

The product will be produced on a real-time basis by the new-generation global objective weather forecast system. This system is based on global models of GRAPES and ECMWF and global exchange site real-scene data, adopts the latest international multi-model and multi-approach prediction dynamic integrated technical route, formulated the technical framework of grid point and site point parallel improvement and integration, and further incorporates independently developed OMOS forecasting approach.

After the operational review, the new-generation global objective weather forecast system has boasted satisfactory prediction performance. The assessment has shown that the model error of the product has dramatically diminished. Currently, CMA has provided grid point prediction products to Laos via this system on a real-time basis and continuously carried out the international assistance.

Global distribution image of grid point prediction precipitation Provided by Zhao Ruixia

On January 1, website of weather forecast service for important cities along Belt and Road covering 137 signatory countries (territories) was officially in operation. The public can log on to the official Belt and Road Portal of China and website of China Meteorological Administration (CMA), and get access to 5-day weather forecast of targeted cities. During the first half of 2020, CMA continued to explore areas of meteorological operations and services, expanded the coverage of global urban prediction products to 11621 cities, developed and produced global 10-km grid point prediction of conventional factors, further elevated the coverage and spatial and temporal refined level of prediction products.(July.9)

Reporter: Gu Xingyue

Editor: Liu Shuqiao