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Custom-made interactive website forecasting products provided by WMC-BJ for Laos yield results

Source:China Meteorological News Press29-07-2020

850hPa wind field global model of GRAPES_GFS

Global smart grid prediction of precipitation at 3-hour interval

Recently, Bounteum Sysouphanthavong, Director of Weather Forecast and Early Warning Division of Department of Meteorology and Hydrology of Laos sent the correspondence which expressed gratitude to World Meteorological Center Beijing (WMC-BJ) to provide forecasting products from custom-made interactive website for Laos, including GRAPES-GFS global model, Global smart grid prediction and Fengyun meteorological satellite cloud images.

Bounteum Sysouphanthavong said that the daily GRAPES model products, global models, grid point prediction and FY satellite products provided by this interactive website are very useful. They can be used in daily weather analysis and prediction in Laos, and help them improve prediction capacity.

In December, 2019, WMC-BJ organized experts to carry out the maintenance of CMACast in Department of Meteorology and Hydrology of Laos, installed the latest terminal of MICAPS and the newly developed interactive website by WMC-BJ. In the meanwhile, WMC-BJ has conducted multiple exchanges with technical departments of Laos, continuously improved the website, provided prediction and service products for them, and further elevated key technologies and products capacity like GRAPES and global smart grid prediction. (July. 28)

Author: Wang Yi

Editor: Liu Shuqiao