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Second international online course on the application of satellite products held

Source:China Meteorological News Press21-09-2020

On September 14, international distance training course on the application of satellite products was kicked off. This is the fifth international distance training course in 2020, and the second international distance training course on satellite. It has a theme of the application of Fengyun satellite products in weather, which aims to enhance the capacities of the trainees to apply FY meteorological satellite products, especially in terms of areas like weather prediction and meteorological disaster monitoring.

By September 13, 89 trainees from 36 countries have passed the approval and attended the group which can obtain the training certificate.

International training course on meteorological satellites has been held consecutively for 15 years since 2005. It aims to promote the international cooperation of FY satellite international users in satellite meteorology, and elevate the international use of China’s FY meteorological satellites. This course is mainly about the satellite application in the weather field. It is an extension of the first satellite remote sensing basic training course this year. (Sep. 18)

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Editor: Liu Shuqiao