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CMA unveils the second batch of Centennial Observing Station Directory in China

Source:China Meteorological News Press29-09-2020

Recently, the second batch of Centennial Observing Station Directory in China has been unveiled by China Meteorological Administration (CMA). 226 meteorological stations within the territory of China have been recognized.

This is the new batch of list after the first batch of 433 Centennial Observing Stations was unveiled in 2018. So far, there have been 659 Centennial Observing Stations in total.

Centennial Observing Stations will play an instrumental role in the long term protection of meteorological facilities and meteorological detection environment, salvage and applied research of meteorological observation data, and the development of meteorological humanities and Science and Technology, and provide potent support for socio-economic construction and meteorological undertaking development.

Among the newly unveiled 226 Centennial Observing Stations, Hailar national baseline climate station, Manzhouli national baseline climate station, Bugt national baseline climate station, and Bengbu national baseline climate station are recognized as Centennial Observing Stations.

Long-term meteorological observations are a precious component of cultural and scientific heritage of mankind as they are unique sources of previous information on atmospheric parameters as references for climate variability and climate change assessment. To underscore this significance, WMO has created a mechanism for recognizing long-term observing stations. The mechanism is designated to advocate sustainable observational standards and best practices which facilitates the generation of high-quality time series data in the future.

From the outset of 2018, CMA has kick-started centennial observing stations identification work. Observing stations identified by Centennial Observing Stations in China will be incorporated into the key protection list and made public, garner the protection commitment delivered by endemic governments, guarantee long-term meteorological observation and climate data accumulation work, which will bear instrumental significance in climate change research, ecological civilization construction, and sci-tech support. Afterwards, CMA will proceed to select eligible observing stations and continue to file for WMO Centennial Observing Stations

Centennial Observing Stations in China are divided into 3 categories, namely, Centennial Observing Stations, 75-year Observing Stations and 50-year Observing Stations. These stations should meet relevant identification conditions in terms of 9 aspects like duration, regional representativeness, and detection environment.

Editor: Liu Shuqiao