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This year’s 17th typhoon SAUDEL was formed

Source:National Meteorological Center20-10-2020

On October 19, the cold air affected Northwest China, which was exposed to temperature drop of 4~8℃. In the following three days, the National Meteorological Center (NMC) predicted that a relatively strong cold air will penetrate into eastern regions. Northern portions of China will usher in gale, temperature drop, and rainy and snowy weather.

NMC projects that from October 20 to 22, temperature drop of 8~12℃ will emerge in Inner Mongolia, central-western Northeast China, and North China. There will be scale 4-6 wind, and scale 7-9 gust. On October 20, sand and dust storm will shroud western Gansu, western Inner Mongolia, and northern Ningxia. Moderate to heavy snow will grip eastern Inner Mongolia, western Heilongjiang, southern Qinghai, and northern West Sichuan Plateau.

Affected by typhoon SAUDEL, strong windy and rainy weather will lash coastal regions of South China and southern regions of China. (Oct. 20)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao