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The cold air continues to affect northern China and typhoon Saudel will trend towards Hainan province

Source:National Meteorological Center21-10-2020

National Meteorological Center (NMC) predicts that rainy and snowy weather or sleet will grip northeastern Tibet, southeastern Qinghai, northern West Sichuan Plateau, and northeastern Inner Mongolia on October 21 and 22. The 17th typhoon Saudel will traverse coastal regions of Hainan Island.

NMC predicts that temperature drop in eastern Inner Mongolia, North China, Northeast China, Huanghuai Region, and northern Jianghuai Region will reach 4~6℃. There will be scale 4-6 wind and scale 7-9 gust. Light to moderate snow or sleet will slam northeastern Inner Mongolia, northwestern Heilongjiang, southern Qinghai, West Sichuan Plateau, and eastern Tibet. Heavy snow to blizzard will wallop northeastern Inner Mongolia and northwestern Heilongjiang. Light to moderate rain will lash central Northeast China.

Affected by typhoon Saudel and the cold air, from October 21 to 25, scale 7-9 wind will shroud coastal regions of South China, central-northern South China Sea, and Beibu Gulf. From October 23 to 25, heavy rain to rainstorm will affect central-eastern Hainan Island and Sansha City. (Oct. 21)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao