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Refined monitoring network and minute-scale prediction system formulated for Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022

Source:China Meteorological News Press29-12-2020

On December 16, it is informed that the three-dimensional, second-scale, and multi-factor monitoring network and minute-scale and hundred-meter-scale prediction system were formulated for Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

Alpine skiing venue of this event has a high demand of meteorological conditions. And the visibility affects the vision of athletes and referees. Snow temperature and quality has a certain direct impact on the snowboard waxing of athletes. Wind speed and snow volume decide on the smooth operation of the event.  

Numerical weather model is hard to accurately forecast the small scale weather change in the venue of each point of the whole track of the alpine skiing. 

In 2020, numerical weather prediction model team of Beijing municipal meteorological service has upgraded the resolution of the numerical weather model room of the venue scale, set up one-hundred-meter resolution numerical weather model in national alpine skiing center and national snow bobsleigh and sled center, and realized 0-24 hour prediction of 100-meter resolution in mountainous regions and 500-meter resolution in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region which is updated every 10 minute.

After three-year on-site training, the service team has basically mastered the change features of factors like wind, temperature, snowfall, and visibility in the venue against diverse weather backgrounds, and the major weather difference in mountains and plateau regions.
Editor: Liu Shuqiao