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Information-based platform for integrated observation was put into operation

Source:China Meteorological News Press13-01-2021

At 8:00 a.m. on January 1, information-based platform for integrated meteorological observation (hereafter referred to as the Platform) was officially put into operation nationwide. It has basically realized the integration of meteorological observation data support, operational applied combination and products application, and will further support integrated meteorological observation operational quality.
The Platform adopts the layout pattern of “national-level deployment and 4-level application (national, provincial, municipal, and county-level)”, and covers operational regulations and management procedures like basic data management, operational monitoring, maintenance and repair, online technical support, storage management, metrological verification, data quality control, product application services, examination and evaluation and observation quality management system.
According to deployment, meteorological departments of all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) will continue to improve all manner of basic information that the Platform needs, and guarantee the accurate and comprehensive key basic information like categorization of observation stations, naming, management levels, quantity, longitude and latitude, and altitude. Meteorological Observation Center of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) will provide online technical support, timely improve software loopholes during the operation, enhance the stability of the platform operation, consolidate platform security management work, and ramp up network and platform security capacities.
It is informed that CMA Meteorological Observation Center will complete the entire relocation work of observation operational information-based platform to the big data platform (Tianqing) prior to January 31. (Jan.11)
Editor: Liu Shuqiao