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NMC predicts a new round of cold spell from January 14 to 17

Source:National Meteorological Centre14-01-2021

National Meteorological Centre predicts that a new round of cold spell will come along and affect China from north to south from January 14 to 17. From January 14 to 16, it will mainly grip northern China. From January 16 to 17, it will mainly lash southern China.

From January 14 to 17, temperature decrease in northern Xinjiang, eastern Northwest China, and central-eastern China will be 6~10℃. Temperature drop of over 10℃ in Xinjiang, central-western Inner Mongolia, northern Shaanxi, central-northern Shanxi, northeastern Liaoning, southeastern Jilin, eastern Yunnan, southern Hunan, southern Jiangxi, and central Zhejiang.

From January 14 to 15, light to moderate snow will wallop eastern Inner Mongolia and Northeast China. Heavy snow will hit southeastern Heilongjiang, eastern Jilin, and northeastern Liaoning.

From January 15 to 189, scale 6-8 wind and scale 9 gust will shroud Bohai Sea, Bohai Channel, Huanghai Sea, East China Sea, Taiwan Strait, Bashi Channel, South China Sea, and Beibu Gulf. (Jan. 14)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao