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Advanced Radiative Transfer Model passes the operational review

Source:China Meteorological News Press18-01-2021

Recently, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has carried out the operational review of Advanced Radiative Transfer Model (ARMS), focusing on numerical weather prediction model and the new generation satellite observation operators, to further elevated the calibration and locating of FENGYUN meteorological satellites, the new payload development of satellite products, systemic analogue simulation, and data assimilation application level.

The review panel held the view that ARMS has constructed rapid calculation model of atmospheric transmittance, developed general non-spherical particle scattering theory and database, which is applicable to domestic and international meteorological satellites analogue simulation, instrument calibration, data assimilation, and remote sensing application. ARMS boasts a correct technical route, and advanced solution plan. It has realized the leap from scaler solution and vector solution, which is eligible for being into operational application. (Jan. 15)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao