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CMA convened national meeting to deploy key tasks for 2021

Source:China Meteorological News Press22-01-2021

On January 19, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) convened the annual national meeting to deploy key tasks for 2021. The meeting is designed to map out new strategies for meteorological development, summarize work of 2020 and achievements made during 13th Five-Year Plan, deploy tasks for 2021.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhuang Guotai, Administrator of CMA, delivered a work report. The meeting pointed out that in 2020, meteorological departments at all levels have provided effective services, given full play to the frontline defense role of meteorological disaster preparedness, accelerated scientific innovation, and deepened reform and consolidated meteorological legislation and science-based management, which have yielded conspicuous achievements. In the past five years, meteorology has played its role in serving the country and the people, which has produced remarkable results; meteorological modernization has been further boosted; meteorological scientific innovation and high caliber personnel construction have made fruitful progresses; meteorological development support system has been further improved; meteorological development objectives during the 13th Five-Year Plan have been rounded out.

The meeting has outlined key tasks for 2021.

Firstly, beefing up the deployment of modernized meteorological country construction, compiling and implementing development plan, and promoting regional meteorological coordinated development.

Secondly, providing refined services for meteorological disaster preparedness and major activities and severe weather monitoring, prediction and early warning services, improve coordinated cross-sector mechanism, and provide high quality services for major events like Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

Thirdly, providing comprehensive services for high quality socio-economic development, the development of agriculture and rural areas, national energy security, the construction of modernized country in terms of transportation and marine, and exploring areas of service.

Fourthly, elevating the service capability for ecological civilization construction, and making strides in terms of response to climate change, ecological meteorological services, and promotion of high quality development of weather modification.

Fifthly, accelerating R&D of core meteorological technologies, focusing on technological R&D that operations urgently call for, marshal scientific innovation resources, and stepping up high caliber talent team construction.

Sixthly, consolidating meteorological modernization construction, propelling refined monitoring, accurate forecasting, and elaborate services, and elevating information-based modernization.

Seventhly, deepening meteorological reform and opening up.

Eighthly, ramping up meteorological law-based governance and administration level, improving legislation construction, and enhancing governance efficiency.

Ninthly, supporting high quality development of meteorological cause through strong leadership of CPC.

The meeting has proposed requirements to implement the spirit of the meeting. Relevant departments should act in the spirit of the meeting and compile the meteorological development plan during the 14th Five-Year Plan in a science-based manner.

The meeting has also deployed tasks for the recent period, requiring meteorological departments at all levels to reinforce the sense of responsibility, provide meteorological services in spring and winter, make sound safe production work, and others.

The meeting was held in video form. Directors from institutions and departments under CMA, provincial meteorological services, as well as invited representatives from relevant departments and media attended the meeting. Some institutions exchanged discussions during the meeting. (Jan. 22)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao