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CMA attended the second part of the first session of WMO Services Commission

Source:China Meteorological News Press01-03-2021

On 22 February, the Commission for Weather, Climate, Water and Related Environmental Services and Applications  (Services Commission) of World Meteorological Organization (WMO) held the second part of the first session via video meeting. Mr. Yu Yong, Deputy Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) led the Chinese delegation to attend the meeting in Beijing.   

The session reviewed the report of the WMO President, elected the officers of the Services Commission, reviewed work programme and subsidiary bodies of the Services Commission, rules and other decisions. 

Mr. Yu expressed appreciation for the progress made by the Services Commission since the 18th World Meteorological Congress, especially under the context of the COVID-19. He suggested that the Services Commission play a more important role in the global coordination of disaster prevention and mitigation, especially addressing high-impact natural disasters such as tropical cyclones, provide better guidance and assistance to WMO members.

As one of the two technical commissions of reformed WMO, the Services Commission contributes to the development and implementation of globally harmonized weather, climate, water, ocean and environment related services and applications to enable informed decision making and realization of socioeconomic benefits by all user communities and society as a whole. (Feb.25)

Reporter Wu Peng and Liu Shuqiao
Editor Hao Jing