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Annual consultative meeting held to promote Fengyun satellite program

Source:China Meteorological News Press02-04-2021

On March 25, the seventh international consultative meeting for Fengyun satellite development was held online. Senior experts at home and abroad contributed their suggestions for long-term and sustainable development prospects of FY satellites to improve service capacities and meet user needs. Yu Xinwen, Deputy Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) attended the meeting.

National Satellite Meteorological Centre introduced Fengyun satellite overall strategy and development plan (2021-2035), reviewed and summarized the implementation and operational progress since the previous consultation meeting. The experts exchanged views on the concept, design, layout of future Fengyun satellite program and its relationship with the WMO space program in the future, as well as discussed the progress of the WMO data policy.

This year, the polar-orbiting satellite Fengyun-3E and the geostationary satellite Fengyun-4B are about to be launched. CMA has promised to continue to share satellite data with international users, and make greater contributions to global and regional disaster mitigation.

In 2014, CMA established the mechanism of international consultative meeting for Fengyun satellite development. (April 1)

Reporter Wu Peng
Editor Hao Jing