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Meteorological satellite Fengyun-4B is successfully launched

Source:China Meteorological News Press03-06-2021

On 00:17 a.m. 3 June (BJT), the Fengyun-4B meteorological satellite was successfully launched. Photo by Guo Wenbin, Zhu Jihan

On 00:17 a.m. 3 June (BJT), 2021, the Fengyun-4B meteorological satellite was lifted off by a long March 3B rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan province.

As the first operational new-generation geostationary satellite of China, Fengyun-4B has great significance to the upgrading and stable operation of China's geostationary meteorological satellites.

On the basis of Fengyun-4A, which was launched in 2016, Fengyun-4B has added a few new functions such as the water vapor detection channels in the geostationary orbit radiation imager and improved the spectrum of some channels. The design scheme of the geostationary orbit interferometric infrared detector is optimized, by which the satellite is capable of providing more accurate hyperspectural atmospheric radiation and temperature-humidity profiles. A newly equipped fast imager has the rapid imaging capabilities with a maximum spatial resolution of 250 meters, which can help to better monitor typhoon, rainstorm and other meso-scale disastrous weather. Fengyun-4B also adds Ka data transmission band to improve the data download capabilities.

Fengyun-4B and Fengyun-4A, will form a dual-satellite network, jointly conducting high-frequency monitoring of atmosphere and clouds to obtain atmospheric vertical information from clear skies and thin cloud areas. They are expected to better monitor the earth's radiation, ice and snow cover, sea surface temperature, aerosol and ozone; floods, high temperatures, cold waves, droughts, snow, sandstorms and vegetation in real time; and obtain space environmental monitoring data.

Mr. Zhuang Guotai, Administrator of China Meteorological Administration, said that Fengyun-4B will provide powerful support for the high-quality economic and social development of China. As an important part of the World Meteorological Organization's global satellite family and a duty satellite of "Space and Major Disasters" International Charter, FENGYUN meteorological satellite will continue to provide data services for international users.  

After the launch, the Fengyun-4B satellite will enter a 7-month in-orbit test.  

( Users can register in this website http://www.nsmc.org.cn/NSMC/project/pioneer/index.html before launch and when approved, get the simulation data and on-orbit testing results for their satellite data experiments and early applications. )

Author Wang Liang

Editor Hao Jing