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FY-3E meteorological satellite activates in-orbit testing

Source:China Meteorological News Press06-08-2021

Recently, FY-3E meteorological satellite has activated in-orbit testing. According to the plan, the in-orbit testing is divided into three stages, which will last one year, in a bid to fully corroborate the index of satellite platform, payloads, and space-ground coordination. The test targeted at satellite, ground system, and application system will be carried out.

In the first stage, performance testing and assessment of the satellite system will be conducted. In the second stage, ground system performance will be tested. In the third stage, application system performance will be tested. During this period, FY-3E meteorological satellite will strive to give play to its application benefits.

FY-3E meteorological satellite was lifted off on July 5, 2021. It is the first early morning orbit meteorological satellite for civil use in the world. Filling in the observing gap in early morning, the satellite is expected to ramp up global Numerical Weather Prediction capacity. (Aug.6)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao