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Joint operation of WMO RAII data quality monitoring and assessment is kicked off

Source:China Meteorological News Press12-08-2021

Since July, Regional WIGOS Centre (RWC) Beijing and RWC Tokyo of WMO RAII have officially launched joint data quality monitoring and assessment to help WMO members elevate observation data quality.

From July 1 to 12, WMO Secretariat and the Regional Office for Asia and the South-West Pacific (RAP) held an online training course on WIGOS regional centre functions and operational tools in WMO RAII oriented towards all WMO RAII members. 90 participants from ECMWF, Deutscher Wetterdienst, RWC Southern Africa, RWC Tokyo and RWC Beijing engaged in this training. This training course enabled members to gain a full understanding of the joint operation of RWCs in RAII.

On behalf of RWC Beijing, Meteorological Observation Center of China Meteorological Administration introduced relevant work during the pilot phase, preparations for operational phase, and all manner of services for WMO members.

So far, RWC Beijing has detected 207 abnormal stations among group A of RAII member; tracked and solved data quality problems in 20 stations in RAII; successfully released event activation work order which encompasses 84 ground stations, and 17 sounding stations. Currently, operational benefits of regional WIGOS centres have gradually cropped up. (Aug. 12)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao