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Greater Bay Area of World Meteorological Centre Beijing website launched

Source:China Meteorological News Press27-08-2021

On July 28, Greater Bay Area Website of World Meteorological Centre Beijing (WMC-BJ) was launched. (http://www.wmc-gbc:net:8090/en)

The website is based on Web GIS to showcase Fengyun meteorological satellite monitoring and GRAPES numerical weather prediction (NWP) products, and map zoom and roaming can be realized during the browse. Since the construction was kick-started in July, 2020, the website has provided multiple meteorological forecasting products for wide users. It has not only furnished refined meteorological forecasting products on the strength of refined NWP in South China, and provided weather forecasting and risk alert products for harbor cities.

In the future, the website will assist WMC-BJ to provide stable, rich and high quality meteorological products for countries and regions and help the Greater Bay Area to give play to its gateway role of regional meteorological operation. (Aug. 17)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao