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China’s highest altitude weather radar station is put into operation

Source:China Meteorological News Press01-09-2021

On August 20, new generation weather radar CINRAD/CA-D witnessed the first phase trial run in Yushu, Qinghai Province. The radar station stood at the altitude of 4672.97 meters, which is the highest altitude weather radar station in China. Its construction and operation has filled in weather radar vacancy in Sanjiangyuan Region.

This station mainly sets up and installs dual-polarization C band weather radar overall unit and supporting infrastructure system, telecommunication transmission system, as well as data processing and storage system. The radar was equipped with functions like all-weather continuous automatic observation, data processing, and operational monitoring and calibration. It can provide severe convection and mesoscale weather system sounding products like thunderstorm, rainstorm and hail. The radar can observe information like radial velocity, and spectrum width, and carry out effective monitoring of severe thunderstorm within the radium of 150 kilometers.


Yushu radar station Photoed by Xiang Yafei

The radar entered trial run on July 26. Its application will enhance the monitoring and early warning capacity of the region to tackle localized severe convection, and provid potent meteorological support for agricultural and animal husbandry production. It has also strongly underpinned flight takeoff and landing safety in Yushu airport. (Sep.1)

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