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Meteorological departments provide refined services for autumn planting and harvesting

Source:China Meteorological News Press15-09-2021

On September 10, 2021 national meteorological service for autumn planting and harvesting was kicked off. China Meteorological Administration (CMA) required that meteorological departments at all levels to provide refined services for autumn planting and harvesting in 2021.

Currently, autumn crop growth is in the midst of key stages. Meteorological departments at all levels have carried out timely forecasting, monitoring, and early warning to serve autumn farming. They will reinforce sectoral cooperation, and conduct joint consultation, information sharing and joint emergency response with agricultural departments. They have organized experts to conduct field trips in the farmland, help farmers to conduct field management in a science-based manner.

At the beginning of September, agricultural crop is growing well in Yanji, Jilin. Photoed by Ge Jun

In September, about 193 square kilometers rice entered large scale harvest period in Zhijiang, Hubei. In the quality rice demonstration base in Yangshan village, Wen’an county, a picturesque harvest scene with rice spiking floating in the breeze come before our eyes. Photoed by Yao Hu

In the golden autumn, farmers seized the opportunity to harvest rice in Shizhong village, Yao’an county, Yunnan. The harvest is in full swing in the field. Photoed by Sheng Yongkun

Highland barley in Mangcuo village, Longzi county, Tibet autonomous region was harvested. During this year’s flood season, thanks to timely meteorological information, highland barley field haven't suffered large-scale destruction and the production was ensured. Photoed by Luo Sang

On September 8, service personnel of Guanxian meteorological office, Shandong province went to Liangtang town to observe the growth conditions of summer corn. The personnel would sent targeted service information to the farmers according to the observation results Photoed by Qishuai

On September 3, staff from Majiang county meteorological office in Guizhou went to the field and provided targeted information for autumn grain crops. Photoed by Zhou Shangchun

On September 6, service personnel from Yuqing county meteorological office, Zunyi, Guizhou went to Suyang village, Longxi county to survey the growth and plant diseases and insect pest condition of corns, sorghum and rice. The personnel is measuring the height of the sorghum fruit. Photoed by Liu Weiqu

On September 1, meteorological office of Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County, Xinjiang conducted corn growth survey. Photoed by Yang Xiaoling

Editor: Liu Shuqiao