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CMA held annual work seminar on extreme weather monitoring and warning

Source:China Meteorological News Press18-09-2021

On September 17, national seminar of provincial service directors 2021 was held in Beijing. The meeting designated to improve the monitoring & forecast, service, technical, management and policy system of extreme events, to build the first defense line of disaster preparedness and push ahead high quality development of meteorological undertaking in China.

Participants have conducted in-depth discussions and actively proposed suggestions oriented towards topics like extreme weather response and analysis assessment, severe weather monitoring, forecasting, early warning operation development, extreme weather change, and others.

As of 2021, localized extreme weather and climate events have occurred at a frequent rate and with a strong intensity, which have posed a grave threat to the life and property security of people and socio-economic development. Participants reached a consensus that meteorological departments should give top priority to the response to extreme weather against the backdrop of global climate change.

The seminar has put forward several work priorities, such as forecasting and warning capacity building, improving joint early warning emergency response mechanism, scientific research and others. (Sep. 18)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao