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CMA-MESO upgraded to enhance severe convection and winter precipitation forecast

Source:China Meteorological News Press23-11-2021

It is informed that CMA-MESO has completed upgrading, and the new 5.1 version has boosted the forecasting capacity of severe convection in summer and heavier snow forecasting in winter.

The new version has realized the system upgrade. After upgrade, the grading of cumulative rainfall forecasting at 6-hour interval and at 12-hour interval of the system is higher than the operational forecasting results, respectively. The system has improved the issue of big error in precipitation forecast in the operational forecasting result. The new version system has also enhanced forecasting in terms of meteorological factors on the ground like temperature at 2 meters’ height and wind speed at 10 meters’ height. In the meanwhile, CMA-MESO5.1 has established operational parallel experimental system. The forecasting results have shown that the precipitation skill (moderate rain and above scale) grading of the new version has been lifted. (Nov.23)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao