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CMA’s new generation climate monitoring and forecasting analysis system CIPAS3.0 in operation

Source:China Meteorological News Press14-06-2022

On June 1, China Meteorological Administration (CMA)’s new generation of climate monitoring and forecasting analysis system CIPAS3.0 was officially operationalized. It has integrated 40 kinds of observation data and can meet the demand of multi-layer monitoring of climate system, the forecasting from climate factors to climate disasters, multi-dimensional diagnosis and analysis, real-time climate projection and verification. 

CIPAS3.0 has pronounced progress in terms of operational support capacity and operational efficiency. The spatial resolution of the global atmospheric modeling supported by this system is shortened from 110 kilometers to 45 kilometers. And the spatial resolution of ocean modeling is elevated from 100 kilometers to 25 kilometers. This system can realize the global precise monitoring covering the land, ocean, atmosphere, monsoon, and rainy season. It can also conduct seamless climate projection from 15 days to the year scale covering over 60 kinds of products like climate factors, heavy rainfall, steep temperature drop, typhoon, and others.

During this year’s flood season climate projection, CIPAS3.0 in the midst of trial operation has detected the outbreak of summer monsoon in South China Sea, and continues to monitor El Nino and Southern Oscillation, as well as La Nina Event, which has effectively supported relevant analysis and prediction. (Jun. 14)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao