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Meteorological departments conduct various activities on the occasion of National Day for Disaster Preparedness and Reduction

10-05-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

The 11th National Day for Disaster Preparedness and Reduction (May 12) in 2019 is around the corner, with the theme of improving disaster prevention and control capabilities and building the life safety line. May 6 to 12 is the outreach week for disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge. Chinese meteorological departments at all levels have conducted various activities on the occasion of this event.

On May 8, the Hami Meteorological Service of Xinjiang organized meteorological science outreach activities. At the event site, the staff set up outreach and consultation points, arranged exhibition boards, and issued scientific materials, and explain to residents the severe weather warnings and preparedness such as wind, sand, and heavy rain.

On May 9, the Hua'an Meteorological Office of Fujian, together with the Earthquake Office and education departments, launched a outreach activities in the community. At the scene, the public downloaded the weather app, followed weather Wechat, and obtained the science knowledge materials. At the same time, the Hua'an Meteorological Service played meteorological science animation film.

On May 7, the Luquan Meteorological Office of Hebei actively participated in the flood control and disaster relief exercise organized by the Provincial Emergency Management Department, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government and the Luquan District Government. During the exercise, all departments and units quickly acted, and more than 100 people who participating in the exercise were transferred to a safe zone in an orderly manner. Through the exercise, the practical experience of flood prevention and rescue were accumulated.

On May 8, the Hulan Meteorological Office of Heilongjiang went to a primary school to popularize science knowledge on disaster preparedness and reduction for children. Meteorological staff developed the science knowledge course in terms of severe weather, self and mutual medical aid, weather forecast through using pictures and texts, video images and other aspects that fit students' mental development. Combined with the working principle of meteorological instruments, rain sensors, wind direction anemometers, radar stations, observation fields, emergency vehicles and other objects and models, the staff vividly explained the meteorological knowledge around the children, and further improve their awareness of meteorological preparedness and reduction.

On May 8, the meteorological, earthquake, Red Cross and other departments of the Shanting District of Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province jointly launched the activities of “Disaster preparedness and reduction education enter into the schools” , carried out emergency evacuation, lightning protection and risk avoidance, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other disaster knowledge education activities to improve teachers and students awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation.

Editor Hao Jing