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The 15th joint working group meeting on meteorological cooperation between CMA and KMA was held

12-07-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

Both sides signed the minutes of the 15th JWG meeting

On July 9, the 15th joint working group meeting on meteorological cooperation between China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) was held in Seoul, Korea.

Jong Seok Kim, Administrator of KMA met with Mr. Shen Xiaonong, Deputy Administrator of CMA. Both sides reviewed the cooperative results since the bilateral meteorological cooperative agreement signed in July 1994, and exchanged experience in areas such as response to climate change, meteorological satellite application, numerical weather prediction (NWP), and typhoon forecast. Over the past 25 years, the meteorological science and technology cooperative areas between China and Republic of China are expanding, with deepening exchanges of meteorological scientific personnel and deeper friendship.

Dr. Choi Heungjin, Deputy Administrator of KMA and Mr. Shen Xiaonong co-chaired the meeting. They reviewed the implementation of the cooperative projects since the previous meeting, deliberated on the cooperative areas and projects of the future 2 years, and signed the minutes of this meeting. According to the minutes, both sides will reinforce cooperation in 7 fields such as meteorological forecast and service technology, climate projection and regional cooperation, climate data management and service technology, tropical cyclone research, meteorological cooperation research, and cooperation among regional meteorological departments.

Meteorological cooperation between China and Republic of China has spanned over 25 years.Since the inception of the bilateral meteorological cooperation, both sides have held 15 joint working group meetings and implemented about 160 cooperative projects covering fields such as weather forecast, climate projection, data exchange, agricultural meteorology, satellite meteorology, radar meteorology, and weather modification. (July.12)

Editor: Liu Shuqiao