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Meteorological services provided for the novel coronavirus control and prevention

03-02-2020Source:China Meteorological News Press

Meteorological departments have consolidated coordination and cross-department collaboration, and make full-fledged preparations for novel coronavirus control and prevention work. Meteorological staff have remained on their posts and provided services like weather forecast and climate analysis and projection in key areas.

On-duty staff in National Meteorological Center Reported and Photed by Ye Shandong

Staff are making on-duty reports in National Satellite Meteorological Center Reported and Photoed by Rong Zhiguo

Staff in Meteorological Observation Center of China Meteorological Administration keep tabs on real-time operational platform of the observation network Reported and Photoed by Chen Ting

Staff are on duty in national early warning information dissemination center Reported and Photoed by Wang Tao


Staff in Wuhan meteorological observatory are making daily materials of meteorological service and decision-making Reported and Photoed by Zheng Qiong

Operational staff in Hulan district meteorological department of Harbin, Heilongjiang are carrying out instrument maintenance. Photoed by Wang Jimei and reported by Zhang Lingyu

staff from Anqing County of Hunan showed the farmer seven step washing hand approach

Operational staff of Guzhang county meteorological office maintained the instruments in the station and provided meteorological services in January 27 Reported and Photoed by Wang Yaqian, Liu Yue and Xiang Haimin

Editor: Liu Shuqiao