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Meteorological departments provided various services to address cold weather

Source:China Meteorological News Press31-12-2020

From the early morning of December 29, heavy snow hit Rizhao City, Shandong Province. Rizhao Meteorological Office issued yellow warnings of cold wave, road icing and heavy snow to the public. The staff drove more than 30 kilometer in the snow to timely clean the trouble of precipitation equipment.

At 7:30 on December 29, the staff of Qufu Meteorological Office, Shandong Province inspected the operation of the equipment and cleaned the snow of the weighing precipitation sensor in time. 

On December 29, strawberry growers in Qingpu District, Shanghai reinforce their greenhouses in time according to the information.

At 8:30 on December 29, the sounding personnel of the Hailar District Meteorological Office of Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia checked the L-band sounding radar under the severe cold of -31.6℃.
Editor Hao Jing