Tianjin grid forecast network has been refined to one kilometer

01-04-2017Source:China Meteorological News Press

On March 24, Tianjin integrated meteorological forecast and early warning platform for synthesized sports games was put into operation to support the meteorological services for the 13th National Games (hereafter referred to as the Games). After 3-year construction, Tianjin has established a grid forecast network which is refined to 1 kilometer and set up coordinate operation and forecast process to share this network with both municipal meteorological stations and district observatories.

With the support of this platform, Tianjin Municipal Meteorological Service has accomplished every 6 minutes rolling product in 0-2 hour nowcasting with 10-minute temporal and 1-kilometer spatial resolution. As for short-term forecast of 0-12 hour and 0-10 day mid-short term forecast, hourly rolling production and 1-hour temporal resolution, 1-kilometer spatial resolution have been achieved. Every 3 hour rolling production has been realized in 24-72 hour forecast with the temporal and spatial resolution of 3 hours and 2.5 kilometers respectively.

In virtue of gridding forecast production, supporting on meteorological services for the Games will ensure athletes to obtain every period and every stadium’s weather condition at any time.

By taking advantage of numerical forecast operation platform built by Tianhe-1 high-performance computing resources, TJ-WRF numerical forecast time and rural township forecast time have been extended to 84 hours and 72 hours respectively by Tianjin Municipal Meteorological Service.

To insure meteorological forecast and early warning information reach to the last mile, Tianjin Municipal Meteorological Service has fundamentally set up information release network on early warning with the coverage of urban and rural through the construction of emergency early warning information release system. So far, meteorological early warning loudspeakers have been installed in 2673 villages in Tianjin with the coverage rate of above 90%. Meteorological information service stations and outdoor screens has been set up in urban and rural areas and 80% districts of Tianjin have conducted mobile terminal based meteorological information services for the public. (Apr. 1)

Reporter: Zhang Yan

Editor: Chen Meiqi