CMA conducts coordinated carbon dioxide observation

30-09-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

From September 18 to 25, CO2 observation experiment has been smoothly carried out in Beijing-Tian-Hebei Region. It is the first time that CMA has harnessed airplane, ground baseline station, mobile vehicle, and coordinated satellite observation to study metropolis cluster carbon emissions and migration rules.

Researchers has combined the observation data with models to calculate carbon dioxide emissions of Beijing and Shijiazhuang, in a bid to evaluate the advantages of varied observation methods in terms of carbon emissions monitoring, and propose solution to the issue of monitoring high spatial and temporal resolution carbon emissions in urban cluster. (Sep.29)

Carbon concentration observation in baseline station, Luancheng, Shijiazhuang, Photoed by Yaobo

Technical personnel conducts carbon dioxide observation in airplane Photoed by Yaobo

Reporter: Jian Jufang, Yao Bo

Editor: Liu Shuqiao