Airplane vertical greenhouse gases observation conducted in eastern Hebei province

16-11-2018Source:China Meteorological News Press

Y-12(B-3766) conducted this experiment task

Recently, airplane rain enhancement base in eastern Hebei province has conducted the first vertical greenhouse gases observation experiment. Y-12 airplane has high accuracy greenhouse gases observation instrument on board, and has undergone 2-month instrument installment and adjustment. On November 1, in Leting County, Tangshan, the plane conducted probing over 600-4500 meters altitude, formed enclosed “flight circle” every 900 meters, and collected large rafts of data.

This experiment has complemented urban cluster carbon emissions observation in eastern Hebei, amassed carbon emissions observation approach and provided observation data of varied altitudes for carbon emissions inversion model, which bears vital significance to vertical profiling research into atmospheric carbon dioxide. The completion of the project will furnish scientific reference for integrated atmospheric treatment and green low-carbon development plans. (Nov. 6)

Reporter: Yang Qiang, Ma Dongliang

Editor:Liu Shuqiao