Enhanced observation of megacity winter fog and haze activated

08-01-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

Recently, enhanced observation of megacity winter fog and haze has been activated. This project is the winter observation project of megacity integrated meteorological observation experiment (hereafter referred to as megacity observation experiment), which aims to beef up research into meteorological factors of atmospheric boundary layers, aerosol vertical structure observation, and change pattern.

This winter observation will harness multiple advanced observation approaches and devices like laser radars, sun photometer, and MAX-DOAS technologies, conduct multi-source data integration and assimilation applied experiment, construct three-dimensional aerosol analysis field, and obtain spatial and temporal features of vertical distribution of aerosols and boundary layers altitudes.

Megacity observation experiment will bring more high frequency and refined three-dimensional real-scene fields, and provide a higher level of technological support for meteorological services for urban air pollution control, waterlogging prevention, urban planning, and urban transportation.(Jan.8)

Reporter: Tang Miao, Zhao Shiying

Editor: Liu Shuqiao