Hebei compiles meteorological hazards risk atlas

09-01-2019Source:China Meteorological News Press

Recently, meteorological hazards risk atlas of Hebei province has been officially published. This atlas has incorporated spatial and temporal features of risks of 12 kinds of major meteorological hazards, and provided scientific basis for governments at all levels to formulate countermeasures against meteorological hazards.

This atlas has integrated observation data in meteorological stations for multiple years, and multi-source historical hazards data. It has included 12 major meteorological hazards like rainstorm, typhoon, hail, thunderstorm, drought, heatwave, sandstorm, tornado, fog, and so on. The atlas has for the first time applied regional meteorological stations data to meteorological hazards assessment. (Jan. 9)

Reporter: Ma Xun, Li Ting

Editor: Liu Shuqiao